Moving is often an expensive undertaking with a big chunk of your spending going to a moving company. You have done all the garage sales, donations, disposal of unwanted items, and packing. But, do you need a furniture transport service? Can you move without hiring a truck? Let’s discuss how to perform your move without a truck.

How to Transport Furniture Without a Truck

It’s daunting to think about moving without a standard transport service. But, with some elbow grease, it’s possible:

Call in the Troops – Your Friends!

When it comes to moving, your friends are your first port of call for help. When you pool their resources with yours, it’s possible to move all your belongings without renting anything. However, ensure that you give them a sweet reward – like an affordable party after your move is complete. 

Break Down Your Items As Much As Possible

Don’t leave all your heavier items in one piece because you don’t have a truck to move them. You can disassemble most bed frames, sectional couches, tables, TV stands, and other furniture. The disassembly process may require unscrewing and finagling, but it’s worth it. You will save a lot of money by moving your furniture as several smaller pieces with your day-to-day vehicle. 

You Can Move a Lot With Your Car

If you have to move within a short distance, your car is a great way to move. Once you collapse the backseat, it can instantly transform into a mini moving truck. You can pack so much into the backseat space and the front passenger seat. Although you may need to make a few trips, you only need to buy gas, so you still save a lot.

Get Some Extra Wheels

You can make fewer trips for a short-distance move by adding more wheels to your car. Pallet jacks, two-wheel carts, wagons, and furniture dollies are all good candidates to help you move more of your belongings per trip. 

Bring In a Pickup

Even if you don’t have a pickup, you likely know someone who has one. This is the most common way to transport furniture. However, you need to ensure that everything is securely fastened before driving out on the highway. 

Rent a Trailer

It’s pretty easy to rent a trailer, but first, ask around to see if you can borrow one instead. If you have a lot to move and a limited budget, a trailer is a good method. For long-distance moves, you can purchase an enclosed trailer that you can use after your move for extra storage. Even if you don’t want the trailer for storage purposes, it’s easy to sell it to another person.

Hire a Van

No access to a pickup or trailer? Then get a van! Many moving and storage companies offer vans of different sizes for hire. Depending on the van’s size, you may face some restrictions with your furniture pieces. But if you took the time to disassemble them, then they should all fit in the van for your move. 

Go the RV Route

If you have a friend with an RV, you could ask to borrow it for your move. You would simply load all your belongings into the RV and drive to your new home. Traveling via RV is also very convenient as you have a place to stay as you unpack. 

Get Storage Units

Portable storage units are another alternative if you don’t have a moving truck. The company drops off the unit at your home, and you can pack it yourself. This option works well when you need to move out of your old house ahead of your move-in date for your new home.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Vehicle to Move?

Having a car gives you the convenience you need for commuting, traveling, and most importantly, moving. But what if you don’t have a car? Let’s talk about how you can move without a car:

You Can Rent a Car 

If you have a few household goods to move, renting a car is a good option. Car rental companies charge fees based on time and distance traveled. However, bear in mind that if you have a lot to move, then hiring a truck is worth the cost. You can rent a truck from a moving company or a self-storage facility for a lower cost. Remember that you can have your friends and family help you move. 

Borrow a Vehicle From Your Friend

You can call a friend with a vehicle to help you move. Carefully use their car and return it completely clean. Ensure that you add incentives such as a full gas tank upon returning the car and treating your friend to a meal. 

Hire Help to Move

Consider sites such as Craigslist and Nextdoor to hire moving help. You can also find several contractors who offer affordable moving rates and vehicles for rent. Simply post in these forums and watch the responses pour in!

Hire Professional Movers 

Although a DIY mindset is great, you often need to call the experts for your move. If you have heavy or fragile items, you could risk damaging them with a DIY move. However, paying for professional movers will safeguard your valuable items and get them to your new home in record time. 

Book Your Dumpster Wagon

We have discussed how you can avoid hiring a furniture transport service and save on your move costs. Do you need a safe way to dispose of your unwanted items? Reserve your Dumpster Wagon today